HINCAPIE AXIS Women's Cycling Jersey Sm Short Sleeve Red/Black BIKE STREET NEW

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  • Manufacturer: Hincapie
  • Model: Axis
  • Gender: women's
  • Size: small
  • Chest: 37"*
  • Main body materials:
    • 100% polyester
  • Pockets: 3 - back
  • Zipper: full
  • Sleeves: short
  • Logo: Bike Street
  • Color: red/black/white
  • Condition: new w/tags
  • Please note: this item came off a retail store rack and has likely been tried on. The item is brand new, but may have the typical signs of having been put on in the shop - a make-up smudge here, a bit of dust there, etc... - nothing that won't come off in the wash.
  • Please also note: As everyone knows, who has ever taken a pile of clothes to the fitting room to try on only to leave most or all of it behind for the employees to put back on the racks, clothing sizing is difficult and inconsistent. We can't be held responsible if this item doesn't fit you. A little research online will often help you make a more informed decision. Often one is able to find reviews specifically addressing the item's fit.
*Approximate - our measurement w/out stretching
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